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At GSA Property Management, our team of property management professionals are trained and experienced in all of the property management building styles.

Since 1988, GSA Property Management has been entrusted with the management of a diverse spectrum of associations which include high-rise and low-rise residential condominiums, townhouse condominiums, common element, free-hold and lease-hold condominiums, commercial and industrial buildings as well as rental and leasing properties that vary in age, size, facilities and amenities.

There are over 5,000 units in the Greater Toronto Area that are presently being managed by a GSA professional manager.

We are a large enough company to ensure that you will benefit from our purchasing power but at the same time we operate locally to ensure we know you as an individual client and can tailor our services to meet the needs of your community.

We are extremely proud to advise all of our potential clients that GSA Property Management is the only management company that has been incorporated and operating for over 20 years without losing one management contract/client. We believe that our track record speaks volumes about our commitment to our clients and the professionalism and success of our managers.

Communication is the cornerstone of a successful working relationship. We train all of our managers in the art of communication to ensure the successful communication from management to directors, owners, staff and contractors. Consistent updates, reminders, information and disclosure with all owners have created a trustworthy and honest relationship between GSA Property Management and our clients.

It would be our pleasure to meet with you to discuss your specific community needs and to introduce you to our team.

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